“The Decipher core value that resonates most with me is having the ‘courage to innovate’. As a company, we are always evolving and improving our products, processes, and approach to problem solving. Everything we do to innovate is driven by our creativity, culture of experimentation, and, inevitably, our failures. Decipher’s mission is to use the power of our data to create new and impactful talent solutions for our clients. To do that effectively we must completely and unabashedly embrace an innovative, unselfish, and flexible mindset. That’s why I see innovation and failure as being different sides to the same coin. And under this framework we can’t be afraid to make – and learn from – mistakes along the way.”

As Chief Data Officer, Greg Hamman focuses on a variety of essential functions. One overarching responsibility, however, is piloting the firm’s most critical asset: its data.

Greg is responsible for analyzing, organizing, and managing Decipher’s internal and external proprietary data framework, maintaining the company’s data infrastructure, and overseeing the firm’s data collection processes.

He is also active in product research and development, scouting the latest technologies and evaluating new data resources so that Decipher can continue to develop innovative products and services that address its client’s most pressing talent needs.

Greg joined Decipher’s predecessor firm in 2015 as an intelligence analyst and has been a member of the Decipher team since the company’s launch. He rose to his current role in 2022.

Greg earned his bachelor’s degree in political science and business administration from Saint Louis University. He went on to receive his law degree from the University of Dayton and his Master of Business Administration from LaSalle University in Philadelphia.

Greg believes that the legal sector is on the cusp of a data revolution that will completely transform the industry. He is excited at the opportunity to be at the forefront of this radical change and feels that Decipher’s unique data insights can empower clients to make fully-informed talent decisions.