Decipher lowers firms’ lateral hire risk through three proprietary solutions.

Investigative Background Report


Why it matters

Major red flags can be found for one in four lateral candidates, from problematic social media to financial improprieties.

Diligence provides law firms with the unparalleled qualitative intelligence they need to fully vet potential hires.

How it works

These deep-dive reports are built on first-person human intelligence. Our analysts reach out to carefully sourced clients, former colleagues, market peers and opposing counsel to learn about a candidate’s book, business development potential, legal skills, cultural fit and more.

The result

The firm is empowered to make fully informed decisions about the individuals they bring into the fold….often as fiduciaries.

Objective Background Screen


Why it matters

Lateral Partner Questionnaires can be incomplete and unreliable; 30 percent of the LPQs submitted to Decipher omit key information.

Dossier helps eliminate surprises in the hiring process.

How it works

We use a variety of public, private and proprietary databases to uncover the most important objective intelligence, then relay it to our clients in a synthesized and easily digestible report.

Among the potential issues scouted: questionable online behavior, background irregularities, financial concerns, civil and criminal legal issues and more.

The result

The firm can make high-stakes hires with confidence, knowing it has addressed financial, legal and reputational risk.

Enhanced Referencing


Why it matters

In-house administrators often lack the time or training to make meaningful reference calls; indeed, in a Decipher survey, only 35 percent of firms said they “always” checked candidate references.

Debrief elevates reference checks by ensuring they are candid, complete and actionable.

How it works

Through Debrief, we conduct in-depth interviews with four to eight candidate-provided references.

We seek and deliver useful commentary about a candidate’s technical skills, client relationships, cultural fit, business development abilities and more.

The result

The firm has a fully developed profile of its prospective laterals, with insights from the people who know them best.

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