Discover is a data-driven and fully customized approach to talent acquisition that saves firms time, money, and stress.
Discover reduces the reliance on recruiters and lowers overall acquisition costs by generating a custom pipeline of quality candidates that complement your strategy, aligns with your culture, and drives ROI.

Discover can help you answer critical questions like:

We leverage proprietary data sets spanning investigative, client, business, and candidate information—to build accurate, reliable, and relevant playbooks.


Candidate and Market Analysis

You provide the parameters, and we deliver a detailed profile of the market in question, as well as a list of compatible candidates, drawing upon our historical models that profile successful hires.


Candidate Intelligence

You select your top candidates to pursue, and we compile basic background and reputational intelligence detailing each candidate’s career history, representative client list, social media, cultural fit considerations and more.



We provide a toolkit that uses specific candidate intelligence to help you approach, interview, and onboard your best-fit lawyers.

What You Get

What You Don't

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