what clients say.

"It's all done in a very confidential manner and in a very professional way. I can honestly say there have been a couple occasions where they gave us information we didn't have and it was very helpful."
Robert Grand
Managing Partner
“They have a certain methodology that is more professional, more rigorous, and more diligent than internal investigations.“
Anand David
Global Head Partner Recruitment
“I’ve found Decipher’s services to be innovative and unparalleled, in terms of the comprehensiveness of the information the team produces.”
Tom Stratford
Former Global Partner Recruitment Mgr.
“Decipher has proven to be an invaluable resource in our lateral partner recruitment process.” 
Nicole Lancia
Executive Director - Americas
“Decipher is a game changer for how we will approach lateral partner hiring in the future. There is no way that we could have uncovered this type of information on our own.”
Robin Gerard
Chief Marketing Officer
“I am extremely impressed by the sophistication of the information Decipher was able to obtain.”
Bridgette Stahlman
Chief Recruiting Officer
“We have become reliant on Decipher as a key filter in our lateral candidate decision making.”
Al Gourley
Regional Managing Partner
“Decipher’s background intelligence provides the key information we rely on when making lateral hiring decisions.”
David Wissert
Of Counsel
“I have had an excellent experience working with Decipher. They are thorough, thoughtful, and responsive.”
Jesse Reeves
Director of Legal Recruiting