Our Story

In today’s increasingly challenging business climate, talent is every organization’s primary competitive advantage – and every organization’s primary risk and expense. Unfortunately, too many firms risk their culture, reputation and revenue on hires borne of bias, hunches or risky bets.

Recognized globally as a leader in the risk management market space, we help organizations grow more purposefully and profitably. We help client companies turn growth strategies into reality by building custom talent playbooks; protect culture, reputations and revenue through due diligence that prevents problematic hires; and empower smart decision-making by developing bespoke talent analytics.

Organizations that partner with us benefit from our extensive market knowledge, longstanding professional networks and outreach that only a leading global firm can provide.

By the Numbers for Decipher Investigative Intelligence

  • 1,000+ Projects
  • 5 Continents
  • 96% success rate
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