Our custom data solutions drive informed decision-making, establish competitive advantage and measure progress.

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Pipeline Analytics: Organize, standardize and analyze your firm’s entire pipeline

Pipeline Competitive Intelligence: Compare your firm’s pipeline analytics with competitors or similarly situated firms

Candidate Benchmarking: Create a model that compares intake data from incoming candidates against historical data sets

Lateral Moves Breakdowns: Provide standardized and accurate moves data classified by title, location, practice area and/or specialty – as well as associated analytics such as firm or market volatility, churn and turnover

DEI Benchmarking: Locate, record and standardize historical diversity data on competitor firms, practice areas and/or markets

Business Development

Client Intelligence: Verify relationship partners and map outside counsel for client lists using objective and human intelligence

Comparative Benchmarking: Provide a foundational and comprehensive understanding of a particular practice area or firm through data and analysis

Reputational Intelligence: Chart a firm’s standing within a given legal sector or market through real-time human intelligence

Mergers & Acquisitions

Target Intelligence: Deliver intelligence on a set number of potential acquisition or merger targets

Don’t risk your most important decisions with DIY data, and don’t trust off-the-shelf products to apply to your firm’s unique context. We know the most actionable data often comes from examining nuance, and we build models to address the specific question at hand.

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