intelligence analyst intern.

Why Work at Decipher?

As a team member at Decipher Investigative Intelligence, you will be a part of a collaborative team environment, where you will be provided with training and guidance. And you will be a critical part of our mission to help our clients make better decisions, avoid financial losses and prevent reputational harm. The work you do will matter and makes a real impact.

As the industry leader in “white glove” due diligence, we combine quantitative and qualitative data with human intelligence to accurately assess candidates’ business, skills, work style and character. Armed with this information, our clients grow safely and more efficiently, with success rates far exceeding the industry average.

"I’m not just pushing papers around or doing meaningless tasks all day. The results of the work are tangible quickly. All of our projects are completed within two weeks, so the sense of accomplishment is consistent.”

What You’ll Do

As an Intelligence Analyst Intern with Decipher, you will be responsible for investigating senior executives who are being considered for new positions – in short, you will help protect our clients from making risky hires.

Your main responsibility is Background Research. You will gather, collate, and analyze background information for projects in eight key areas:

  • Identity verification
  • Social media profile
  • Education/professional verification
  • Deal/case history
  • Property ownership
  • Financial screen
  • Business affiliations/outside interests
  • Personal legal history

Who You Are

  • Professional, diligent and discreet
  • Conscientious with a high attention to detail
  • Comfortable working both independently and in a team
  • Skilled in written and oral communication
  • Confident on the telephone
  • Curious and adept at research
  • Analytical
  • Adaptable in day-to-day tasks
  • Strong in organization and time management

Although our work focuses on the legal and professional services industry, no legal background is necessary. Our team members come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from the Armed Forces to education to journalism; professionalism, character and curiosity are far more important than a knowledge of legal jargon.

You must be based in St. Louis; the ability to report to the office is critical.

What You Bring (Experience & Qualifications)

  • UMSL degree-seeking student

Additional Information

  • Pay Rate: $20.00 per hour
  • Minimum 20 hours per week
  • Three-month commitment
  • Flexible scheduling

How To Apply

  • Submit a cover letter or writing sample with your resume. The writing sample should be written for a professional or academic audience.
  • Send materials and resume to Lara Glauber,
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