Investigative Background Report

Goal: The purpose of every Diligence is to investigate a lateral candidate’s book of business, legal skills, and ability to work with others.

Source: Decipher reaches out to a number of carefully-sourced attorneys and incorporates actual verbatim comments from source interviews with clients, former colleagues, market peers and opposing counsel.

Security: During source interviews, a lateral candidate is never asked about in isolation. Source interviews are approached from the perspective of market research and a lateral candidate is always asked about amongst a larger cohort of similarly situated practitioners.


Objective Intel Background Screen

Goal: Potential issues illuminated by Dossier include financial impropriety, problematic social media posts, incomplete/inaccurate work history, amongst others.

Source: Decipher uses multiple public, private, and proprietary databases to uncover the most important objective intelligence  and relay it to our clients in a synthesized and easily-digestible report.

Security: We have five Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) certified members on staff and follow established policies and procedures vetted rigorously by outside counsel.


Enhanced Referencing

Goal: Professional referencing breaks through the standard veneer of professional references to elicit candid source commentary that will provide much-needed intelligence with the utmost confidentiality.

Sources: We conduct in-depth interviews with either eight (8), or four (4) candidate-provided references that include former colleagues and clients. These references will provide specific and relevant intelligence about a candidate’s technical skills, cultural fit and business development abilities from individuals who know the candidate best.

Security: We only contact specific individuals provided by the candidate or client.


Talent Market Survey

Goal: By working closely with the firm, we delve very deeply into the criteria and characteristics that will “move the dial” in your desired practice area.

Source: Discover utilizes our investigative intelligence platform to identify relevant and leading talent, fully consistent with your specific strategic growth criteria. We then identify senior performing partner/teams as well as emerging top-tier talent that is often operating below the radar screen.

Confidentiality: Interviews are always conducted on the premise that conversations are strictly confidential and none of the comments would be attributed to the source in any way.