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Avoiding Lateral Partner Risk

Don't hire that lateral...yet.

Due diligence should not be a mere formality; it should be considered your first line of defense in lateral partner hiring.

It’s not enough for your firm to perform a standard background check and take the word of your candidates and their hand-picked positive references. To thoroughly protect your firm’s revenue and reputation, you need to a comprehensive standard for consistency and transparency in your hiring efforts.

A definitive primer for law firm leaders who want to lower their risk and become more purposeful in their hiring.

In this webinar, we walk you through a common hiring scenario and provide actionable advice along the way. Follow our step-by-step instructional video to learn how to create a more purposeful lateral hiring process.

Watch to learn:

  • The state of the legal talent market
  • The risks associated with lateral hiring
  • Best practices and steps you can take now to avoid pitfalls and reduce risk
  • How to get deep-dive intelligence about prospective laterals – before they are hired.

How do I obtain CLE credit?

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